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Do you know the three components for ensuring your website is ranked in the top 5 search results on Google, Bing, and Yahoo today?

Putting up your site is only the beginning. There is an art and science to obtaining and maintaining first-page visibility and attracting qualified visitors.

1. Search Engine Optimization through Keyword & Content Management

2. Competitor Site Monitoring & Response Management

3. Search Engine Algorithm Monitoring & Response

Search Engine Optimization Ottawa

Search Engine Optimization Through Keyword & Content Management

Traffic is not your goal – targeted traffic is who you want to attract to your site, the people who are most likely to contact you immediately. We specialize in identifying keywords and user behaviors and deploying quality content that will make your site visible to qualified prospects.

Competitor Site Monitoring & Response

Search Engine Pros helps you identify competitors you may not even know about. We monitor competitor meta tags, keywords and pay-per-click platforms and use this information to develop your strategy and ensure your site is performing better than theirs.

Search Engine Algorithm Monitoring & Response

Just because your site ranks highly today does not mean it will rank highly next week. That’s because search engines regularly revise their algorithms to ensure better search results. Our specialized knowledge in this area enables us to ensure your site stays optimized under changing conditions.

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Our search engine optimization services are designed to keep your Web site on page one in search results and prompt qualified visitors to contact you today!
  • Client-specific keyword research & analysis
  • Dynamic keyword identification and monitoring
  • Pay-per-click ad management for positive and negative keywords
  • Search engine optimization on your site and other sites for your specific keywords
  • User search behavior analysis
  • Quality, relevant site content that enhances credibility and prompts calls to action
  • Link building campaigns with associations and reputable blogs, forums and sites
  • Building a Facebook and/or Twitter following to enhance search engine rankings
  • Site design and development
  • Site performance monitoring
93% of consumers worldwide use search engines to find and access websites
Source: Forrester Research
Attracting a loyal audience to your website is best achieved through top search engine listings
Source: Forrester Research Media Field Study
85% of qualified Internet traffic is driven through search engines, however 75% of search engine users never scroll past the first page of results
Source: Seventh WWW Users Survey - Georgia Institute of Technology